Power women: what it means to be a strong woman

Power women: what it means to be a strong woman

Get a confidence boost with Caroline Biss' Spring 2020 Collection

New year, new you. Yes it's all about reinventing yourself and taking new directions. 2019 was all about Girl Bosses and Leading Ladies but this year the definition of power women gets an extra dimension. Being a strong woman does not only mean being the CEO of a company. It's about being resistant, surviving, being opinionated. Caring after each other, learning every day and being true to yourself. Caroline Biss' Spring 2020 collection offers a wide range of looks to make you feel and look good the whole year round!

A strong woman is smart, bounces back if she needs to and unapologetic about who she is. But what else makes her so powerful?

1 She is humble.


2 She is independent, but knows when to ask for help.


3 She knows who she is.


4 She fights against expectations.


5 She’s perseverant.




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Margo Van Raemdonck
Margo Van Raemdonck PR Manager, MMBSY



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