Every word counts

Every word counts

Caroline Biss takes lettering to the next level

What's in a word? More than you can imagine!

Because names, and words, do matter, a lot.

The subtle influence they have over our minds. Our choice of words – as entrepreneurs, wanderlusters and fashionista's can wake, inspire or excite us.

This season Caroline Biss invites us to let every moment count and inspire you! Word!



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Margo Van Raemdonck
Margo Van Raemdonck PR Manager, MMBSY


About Caroline Biss

caroline biss offers the modern, self-confident woman elegant and classy women's fashions with glamorous style.

perfectly fitting ready-to-wear collections that combine stylish simplicity, subtle colours and new materials - resulting in a contemporary yet timeless collection.

comfortable designs for every day of the week, weekend sporting outfits with just that little bit more, fashion dresses for a night out and sparkling party wear.